I love the video. I am a huge fan of the show, blog, vblog, whatever it is. I tried to provide my comments in youtube’s comments, but got cut off. Bad youtube! Perhaps you can make a fancy webpage for us? Sorry in advance for rambling…

Anyway, I and many of my friends struggle with this topic. I am afraid you have left us with a neutered version of the law. Some of my questions are playing devils advocate to efficiently direct you to the heart of my questions. I would love to hear a response showing us what the Law is in Law and Gospel.

First, Jesus’ statement on loving thy neighbor was not a new law, but a summation of (a part) of the ten commandments. (Matthew 22:36-40). So this is not a new law, but just a summation of our old law right?

This is important at least to me because I have come to think of Jesus’ Good Samaritan parable as a sarcastic response. Sure you want to fulfill the law yourself. “Do this foo.” I agree Jesus didn’t come as a second Moses, but a fulfiller of the law. But this love thy neighbor is Moses’ law right?

What do we do with the law? Some may claim your video argues that we should forget about the moral law. Should (not must) we not walk with the newness of life as St. Paul says? Therefore, shouldn’t (again not must) we strive to love our neighbor?

Why have confession and absolution if the law is of no concern to us? What about all these sermon’s hammering us with the law and renewing us with the Gospel. I thought the point of this was to remind us why we need Jesus.

Because the Law condemns us and the wages of sin is death!

I enjoyed your elephant in the room statement, “why would you want to hate our neighbor?” However, there are times when our neighbor gives us reasons to dislike them. For example, what if our neighbor sins against us. Destroys your property and terrorizes your children? Surely you are not saying it’s ok to hate them then?

We will hate them at some time. Shouldn’t we feel remorse for this?

Thanks again Rev. Fisk for such an awesome show. It is wonderful to see true doctrine preached using new age technology! I love your show! Why can’t the synod support stuff like this?

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