Greetings all! Just a heads up. My plan had been to have a new episode up yesterday, but I have run into some CPU issues, part of which includes a complete reinstall of my operating system. Needless to say, this means I will not have anything up either here, via iTunes or via the Vlog any time soon.

I guess that means you'll just have to enjoy Holy Week the old fashioned way, by going to CHURCH! Prayerfully, that was your intention all along.

+pax Christi+ to you and yours, and you'll be hearing from me, not soon, but soon!


It's an attack of the devil upon your ministry. *nods solemnly*
Seriously, Rev. Fisk, you're a Windows user? What else do you expect?
Well, have a blessed Holy Week in any case! Pax Christi to you as well.

Haha. If I could afford a Mac, I'd use a Mac. Gotta settle for the po'man's OS. And don't give me no linux lip. Been there, still doin' that on my laptop. But it just don't fly for the vast array of things I need to run. One day, perhaps. XD


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